Coffee and Desserts in Little Italy 

If you ask any Montrealer what Little Italy is best know for, they would probably say coffee and dessert.

There is nothing better than an authentic latte, cappuccino, or espresso (not pronounced expresso!). Don’t get us wrong, we like our Starbucks coffee too, but when you want these genuine traditional coffees, there is no better place than Café San Simeon and Café Olimpico.

The atmosphere at these cafés is exactly what you would expect. The looks are traditional, inviting, and filled with Italian men yelling at the television while watching soccer. WARNING: Café San Simeon is full of Milanistas who watch their games there. If you are anything but a Milan fan, keep it to yourself! We’ve made that mistake! Has anyone ever noticed how handsome Gattuso and Osvaldo are? Sorry, off topic!

Although true Italian coffee etiquette states that any coffee with milk should not be had in the afternoon, ordering a latte or cappuccino is never frowned upon at either place. We suggest that you try the cappuccino at Café San Simeon and the cold coffee at Café Olimpico during the summer months! If you are looking for the perfect coffee, you’ve found them! And if you are not a coffee drinker, both places have many other drink options.

Now for dessert! Just thinking about it has us jumping around in excitement. Or maybe that is the sugar from the cannoli we just ate! Either way, if you are looking for traditional Italian desserts, look no further than La Cornetteria and Alati Caserta.

La Cornetteria offers a wide variety of desserts but their filled cornetti are unsurpassed! Including such filling options as Nutella, ricotta, and almond paste, these cornetti are baked fresh every day and just the thought of them makes our faces light up. We are not ashamed to say that we have tried almost all of them and every single one has been delicious!

Alati Caserta has been in Little Italy for more than 40 years and is best known for their cannolis! On a weekend afternoon, come rain or shine, you will usually find a lineup of people waiting to buy them. We suggest that you buy a couple to bring home and one to eat on the spot. Two reasons: First, they are just too yummy and secondly, WHY NOT?

Before we leave you, we have one more thing left to say. To the woman who walked into Café San Simeon and ordered a coffee as if she was at Starbucks: a café Americano is a very long espresso and not two cups of water for a shot of espresso. Also please don’t try and educate the owners on how to make coffee.

Wow did that feel good to get off our chests!

Café San Simeon - 39 Dante, Montreal, QC

Café Olimpico 124 St-Viateur West, Montréal, QC

La Cornetteria - 6528 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC

Alati Caserta - 277 Dante, Montreal, QC